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It is my intention to start writing a more regular blog and where better to start than with a homage to the beauty and splendour of Autumn!! I was thinking yesterday of what I love about Autumn. To start it is the crisp mornings, the mellow afternoons and the gorgeous colour all around us. Walking the dog yesterday I became

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Let there be Light!!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year full of gorgeous colours, bright golds, reds and oranges all around us. Autumn is a time of change and the beautiful colours reflect this as it means the trees and shrubs are losing their leaves. The weather becomes colder and the days become shorter. There is less time to enjoy the sunshine and

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Bring the Sun into Your Life!

Thank you for all those who attended my January Workshop. We bought the sun into our lives by harnessing our inner energy and vitality through the beautiful sun sequence. It is hard to feel the energy and the warmth of the sun in January but with wonderful visualisations of the sun combined with movement we achieved that! For a

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Beat the Christmas Rush!

Yes it’s that time of year again where we spend all our time rushing around meeting deadlines at work and in our personal lives, buying presents, partying and organising family! All take their toll on our stress levels and our backs particularly with all that heavy bag carrying! I’ve already suggested some great exercises for loosening tight shoulders ( see

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Something you were definitely told not to do when you were a child but an essential movement to stop them from stiffening up. I am amazed when I get home from a busy day slaving over a hot computer how tight my upper back and shoulders have become. The simple movement of lifting your shoulders up to your ears and

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