Thank you for all those who attended my January Workshop. We bought the sun into our lives by harnessing our inner energy and vitality through the beautiful sun sequence. It is hard to feel the energy and the warmth of the sun in January but with wonderful visualisations of the sun combined with movement we achieved that!


For a quick boost of energy at this time of year stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly flexed, core engaged, spine tall and strong, chin level. Raise your hands above your head, elbows pointing forwards to take the strain off your shoulders palms facing to the sky. Close your eyes and imagine the sun shining above your head and feel the warmth and energy of the sun filling your palms. Breath gently, turn your palms to face down above the crown of your head, bring your palms down above your head and imagine you are bringing the warmth and energy from the sun into your head. Then allow the palms to come down in front of your face and continue down in front of your chest and waist and finally down by your sides. Imagine you are bringing the warmth end energy of the sun into your body and then down to the ground beneath you. You will really benefit from this wonderful energy shower. Enjoy!