It is my intention to start writing a more regular blog and where better to start than with a homage to the beauty and splendour of Autumn!!

I was thinking yesterday of what I love about Autumn. To start it is the crisp mornings, the mellow afternoons and the gorgeous colour all around us. Walking the dog yesterday I became aware of the wonderful crunch of leaves under foot. I love the crisp taste of English apples and the abundance of local vegetables. To me it signifies the new page in the school book at the start of the school year. It helps too that my birthday is in November and it reawakens the childhood excitement of my pending birthday.

This is the season of change however and can bring challenges of its own. We can be left feeling restless, have difficulty concentrating and sleeping and feel challenged about the impending winter.

It is important then to take time to nurture yourself and harness all the positive aspects of Autumn. You can do this in a number of ways including through your yoga practice:

  1. Nurture yourself with warming soups made from the abundant vegetables.
  2. Take advantage of the longer nights by having earlier nights, your body and mind will thank you. It will help you conserve energy, just like the trees lose their leaves to conserve energy for the spring.
  3. Go out in nature and savour that crunch underfoot and the beautiful colours all around. Even a five minute walk if you are able will make all the difference.
  4. Practice yoga postures which leave you feeling grounded such as TADASANA (MOUNTAIN POSTURE). With feet hip width apart feel the connection of your feet to the ground, be aware of gravity keeping you firmly grounded on the earth and the strength through your legs. Breathe in and lift your sternum and feel that wonderful connection between the earth beneath you and the sky above.
  5. Try to let go of any negativity. The SITTING FORWARD BEND is wonderful for this. It calms and soothes your nervous system and gives you a wonderful hamstring and lower back stretch too.
  6. Trees provide the back drop of colour at this time of year and the TREE posture helps ground you but also helps you feel balanced and able to go with the flow of change.
  7. Take time to relax in SAVASANA or your favourite relaxation position even 5 minutes can leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

If you are not familiar with these postures you can ask me at the next class or find them on the Dru Online Studio at

Open that fresh exercise book, look after yourself and enjoy!!